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Transporte Barcelona

T- Casual 

T- Usual

T- Grup

T- Dia

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Carnaval Xurigué 2020

From 20th to 23th February. Read more

ZBE Barcelona - Foreign vehicles

Zona Bajas Emisiones Barcelona

Vehículos extranjeros 

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Riverside Calafell 2 to 5 May 2019

The Riverside is an exhibition of more than 70 rockabilly cars dating from before 1965 and drawn from various parts of Europe such as Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK, Belgium and also Spain. The exhibition is accompanied by live performances by bands and DJs, gatherings of car clubs from all around the world, stands, tattoos, pin-ups, bobbers, hot rods, 1/8th of a mile races, custom cars and everything that goes with the fashions of the 1950s and 1960s.

It is certainly a must-visit for fans of US style in the 1950s. 

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Xatonada Popular 17th March 2019

Xató, an escarole, tuna and cod salad that is typical of the Gran Penedès area, has always been eaten in people’s homes and featured on the menus of some restaurants, but this traditional recipe received renewed impetus when Calafell became part of the Xató Route in 2001.

In addition to its many culinary attractions Calafell’s Xatonada gathering also features the generational bonds that are forged each year between grandparents and grandchildren and where everyone, teachers and students alike, make one of the best Mediterranean sauces: Calafell Xató sauce.

Next event: Sunday, March 17th, 2019. 

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Carnaval Xurigué 28th February to 3rd March 2019

Why is it called “Xurigué”? The fantasy appearance of this flying fish, with its elongated body covered in small, strong and rugged scales and its big round eyes, just like the most gorgeous of the costumes, evokes the most typically Calafell and Mediterranean carnival spirit. It is a true symbol of contradiction, beautiful in bright colours and packed with a thousand surprising and exciting mysteries, just like our carnival. 

Jueves 28 de febrero
17.30 horas, en la plaza de Cataluña, chocolatada infantil.

18.00 horas, en la plaza de Cataluña, espectáculo infantil.

19.00 horas, en la plaza de Cataluña, llegada de Su Majestad el Rey Carnestoltes y pregón.

Viernes, 1 de marzo
22.00 horas, en el paseo marítimo de San Juan de Dios con la calle Loira, Inicio del desfile del Carnaval de Segur de Calafell.

Sábado, 2 de marzo
17.30 horas, en el pabellón polideportivo Jaume Vilamajó, Carnaval infantil.

22.00 horas, en el paseo marítimo de San Juan de Dios con la calle de Mercè Rodoreda, inicio del Desfile del Carnaval de la Playa de Calafell.

Domingo, 3 de marzo
12.30 horas, en el Mercado Viejo de Calafell, Carnaval infantil.

17.00 horas, en la rambla Mossèn Jaume Tobella con la calle de Alfonso Mañé, inicio del Desfile del Carnaval del Pueblo de Calafell.

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XXXIV Arrossejat Popular

Sunday May 27 do not miss the popular XXXIV Arrossejat

One more year the traditional popular Arrossejat arrives and this year it arrives at the XXXIV edition returning to its original format, that is to say, separated from the acts of the Fair of the Sea.

The culinary event will take place on Sunday May 27 in the vicinity of the Fishermen's Guild and you can taste the delicious seafood dish, cooked live by the fishermen of Calafell, for only 9 euros. As usual it will be developed in several shifts.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from the Tourism Department or purchased on the same day.
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XVII Fair of the Sea

The most sailor weekend arrives with the 17th Fair of the Sea

The Department of Tourism of Calafell informs you that the seventeenth Fair of the Sea will take place on 2 and 3 June, on the promenade of Sant Joan de Deu of Calafell Beach.

The fair will consist in reproducing the commercial life of the Calafell sailor of our ancestors, where they will highlight activities such as the exhibition of old trades (shipowners, longliners, nansairs, menders and caulkers) and children's workshops, in addition to many other activities and the presence of the entities of the municipality directly linked to the fascinating world of the sea.

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Carnaval Xurigué

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Día Internacional de la Danza 28 de Mayo

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Feria de Bebés - ExpoNadó 26, 27 y 28 de Mayo

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Fira del Terròs - 13 y 14 de Mayo

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Fiesta de la BICICLETA

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Karting Comarruga 23/04/2017

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Cursa de l'Aigua - 26/03/2017

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XVI Xatonada Popular Calafell

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Carnaval Xurigué

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